Reasons Why I Have Decided to Share My Clients’ Stories

Payal Chaudhary
4 min readDec 13, 2020

These are worth considering.

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It has been long since I have started consulting people to help them mentally and emotionally. So they can break the barriers and mental constraints. And can get the best of their life.

I have talked to people, have listened to their stories, and have walked them to a better version of themselves. But do you know, no matter what profession they belong to, what is their age, or what issue they are facing. They all have a Few Common Emotions:-

1). They believe it is their fault.

2). They felt they are not enough.

3). They want to run out to some place where no one knows them. They want to find some safe place, an escape from their present situation.

4). They cannot tell anyone what are they actually feeling. They cannot express and make people understand. They are feeling trapped and they just want to get it out of their chest somehow.

5). And they all have the Same Complaint that they have tried hard to keep themselves busy but they cannot get rid of this feeling.

These common emotions have been consistent in every human who has come to me for help. And this is heartbreaking to see that nothing has changed over the years. So I have decided to…



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