How I Proposed My Mother to Marry My Father

Payal Chaudhary
4 min readNov 23, 2020

A poem dedicated to a single father of a girl child.

Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

Hey! I’m Joe; A twelve-year-old girl lives in Botswana with my father; a single parent

My mother had left us when I was Seven; she left us for someone else;

She has given up on us, on our love, on our relationship;

But my father didn’t, since she has left; My father has stayed and has been playing every part beautifully.

He cooks breakfast for me, packs my lunch; and do also make sure that I finish

When he picks me after school, on our way back home, I tell him everything about my day;

And when I tell him about those who try to bully me, he asks me to punch them

We play football in the evening; He used to play for the state, but after she left, he left.

He also drops me at my piano classes every Saturday; on my eleventh birthday, He gifted me one

I won’t lie, I miss my mother; I want her there for me, every time I fall sick or get an ‘A’ grade in Science;

And my dad too, I saw him staying at their wedding photos, he still has them; and a drop in his eyes, which he doesn’t allow to flow.



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