7 Money-Making Blogging Niches

Payal Chaudhary
5 min readNov 24, 2020

These niches are making more than $100000 for bloggers.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

One thing which we have to admit is that those days of blogging are over when someone just can write any random thought and can make money out of it.

Internet and Social Media have been filled with information. The information which you have to search especially on Google is now effortlessly available in your feeds. Interesting, No?

There is something more interesting than this, people still try to write anything and expect it to make money. There are 4.4 million(as per-March,2019) blog posts are getting published every day.

Let me ask you, what you will search for online? Except for the case, if you are a habitual reader. You will try to search for a solution to your problem. That is when you will bother to search on Google. Otherwise, you will read whatever comes your way. And then yes, the blogs which are solving your problem or provide you any kind of support are actually making most of the blogging money.

It is the Golden Rule, “Solve a Problem”.

Not only in blogging but in every aspect of life, Solution to a Problem is a winning Rule. And the blogs which are serving this rule are winning the game.

So the key take away from this is that not any random thought will help you grow…



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